Econ 101:

Price is a function of supply vs. demand.

PRIA decreases in supply MASSIVELY, from 100,000 to just 1.25 tokens.

If PRIA is $14 at 70,000 supply (as it is today), price will be $100 at 10,000 supply. This is assuming we remain the same marketcap as we are today, which is a tiny 1M.

At 10M marketcap, the price at 10,000 supply will be $1000. With any kind of volume, we could get to a 10M marketcap and 10,000 supply in a matter of months, turning your $14 into $1000,. or turning a $1000 investment into over $70,000.

All this protocol needs is volume, and it is a no-brainer.


PRIA is not a utility token. It is a token designed as a financial asset. It is a token designed to have the greatest ROI potential in crypto. It is a token in which to invest your money and determine an opportunistic time to take it out.


No. It was designed as an anti-ponzi scheme, with alternating inflationary periods as it makes its way down to 1.25 supply, and rules forcing holders to trade periodically. These two particularities of PRIA are what make it unique. They are also what allow for new market participants to enter at any point along the way and benefit from price appreciation. Bigger holders cannot dominate the supply. Nor can they hoard tokens to prevent the deflation from continuing.

DYOR and read the rules: YOU MUST make a small buy or transfer to yourself once every 35 days. This rule guarantees the decrease in supply can happen. There are consequences for not trading that result in either a partial or full loss of your funds, so read the rules on pria.eth.link.

This article is a simplification of an incredibly robust project just waiting to be discovered, one that has AR NFTs that offer dividends to holders and are embedded with geolocations for future use in gaming — for starters. The developer is a builder and innovator, and behind him is a team of dedicated community members.

Note that PRIA works its way back up to 100,000 supply after it reaches its minimum supply, and its cycles continue in perpetuity.



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Lo Mil

Lo Mil is a former reporter for Education Week, former copy editor at Time Out NY, a photographer and crypto enthusiast since March 2017.